Academic Difficulties

  • Struggles with literacy (Reading, reading fluency, reading comprehension)
  • Has problems with numeracy (Math calculation, math reasoning, math fluency)
  • Experiences difficulties with written expression (Spelling, expression, vocabulary)
  • Presents with speech or language problems (Listening, expressing, speaking)
  • Seems to be underachieving considering their capability
  • Has a lack of motivation to achieve academically

Cognitive Concerns

  • Has trouble maintaining attention for short or long periods
  • Experiences problems remembering information they have learnt
  • Struggles with working things out in their mind, such as sums
  • Has trouble processing visual or auditory information
  • Takes longer to process or understand concepts
  • Finds it difficult to follow directions
  • Experiences handwriting or coordination difficulties
  • Has social, emotional, or behavioural issues that impact their learning

Intellectual Giftedness or Delay

  • Presents as very advanced for their age in one or more areas
  • Is significantly delayed in cognitive development and adaptive functioning

Change of Schools

  • Requires a formal diagnostic assessment for special education consideration
  • Intends to change schools so that they can receive specialised intervention
  • Will be attending boarding school but comparable academic skill levels are unknown
  • Has relocated from interstate or overseas and their grade level needs determining
  • Has suffered a long-term illness and or has missed significant periods of schooling

Known or Suspected Conditions

  • Has a known neurological disorder (i.e. Cerebral Palsy, meningitis)
  • Has a suspected history of risk factors (i.e. Fetal alcohol, child abuse)

Second Opinion

  • A re-assessment is desired for a second opinion regarding a given diagnosis

Psychological Symptoms

  • Presents with thoughts, beliefs and or behaviours that are unusual
  • Displays oppositional, aggressive, and or self-destructive behaviours

Study and Career Choice

  • Is lacking motivation and or direction regarding suitable study and vocational options