Comprehensive or Tailored Psycho-Educational Assessment

Our thorough evaluations enable the identification of students’ specific cognitive, attention, and learning strengths and weaknesses. The sound methodology we use ensures strong diagnostic accuracy. You will be provided with a comprehensive and informative report, with tailored intervention plans and a host of recommendations that correspond to your child’s unique learning profile. Additionally, we provide you with a report supplement containing evidence-based teaching and learning strategies that focus on areas of weakness.

Identification of ADHD or learning difficulties or disorders can assist students to gain special accommodations in their formal examinations (i.e. NAPLAN, HSC, IB, university exams)

Identification of intellectual giftedness can help students gain entry into gifted programs or membership into exclusive associations (i.e. OC and Gifted Classes, Selective Schools, NSW Gifted and Talented Association, MENSA).

Identification of intellectual disability can assist students to obtain government and school disability funding and special needs school placements.


ADHD Assessment

An ADHD assessment aims to accurately identify whether a child or adolescent has attention and or hyperactive-impulsive symptoms or whether behaviours relate to other psychological or psycho-social factors. When making a diagnosis, our assessments include cognitive and neuropsychological testing, as well as input from the child or adolescent, parents, teachers, and treating professionals. A comprehensive psycho-educational assessment is more suitable if learning problems also exist.


School Neuropsychological Assessment

The School Neuropsychological assessment is an extensive investigation of cognitive, learning, and psycho-social functioing and is appropriate for students with complex medical histories, such as physical, neurological, and or genetic conditions. Assessments usually take 2 to 3 sessions to complete. Tailored intervention plans are devised, which take into account pre-existing conditions (i.e. hearing or vision impairment, cerebral palsy, autism spectrum disorder).


School Readiness Assessment

A school readiness assessment is appropriate for pre-school children with evidence of delay in language, learning, social, and or behavioural development. Along with an assessment session, a preschool visit and observations may also be required. Recommendations for preschool and or school programming are provided.


Career Assessment

A career assessment aims to identify and explore vocational options that suit an adolescent or young adult’s personality, cognitive strengths, academic talents, and vocational interests. Deciding on what career to undertake at a young age or even as an adult, is often very difficult. Many youth have limited knowledge of their suitability to different careers and often do not know the array of vocational options available to them.