2019 – 2020 SCHEDULE OF FEES

Corresponds to Australian Psychological Society National Schedule of Recommended Fees

The practice offers tailored cognitive, neurodevelopmental and neuropsychological assessments to suit the needs of our child and adult clients and their budget.
All assessments include a detailed report and a host of recommendations.

Initial or Follow-up Consultation per 50-mins
To discuss the reasons for referral and to determine the most appropriate assessment for the client
To discuss assessment results and recommendations.
Brief Cognitive
WJ-IV COG or WISC-5 – Core IQ subtests only (6 yrs to Adult)

Recommended for clients with one area of academic difficulty
Standard Cognitive
WPSSI-IV (3 to 5 yrs) WISC-5 (6 to 16 yrs) WAIS-IV (17 yrs to Adult)
Recommended for clients with one area of academic difficulty or intellectual giftedness
Comprehensive Cognitive
WJ-IV COG (6 yrs to Adult)
Recommended for clients with multiple academic difficulties
WJ-IV COG, NEPSY-II, WRAML-2 and or NAB (6 yrs to Adult)
Recommended for clients with complex needs
Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)
TEA-CH, CPT-II, CATA, Cognitive tests, & Inventories (4 yrs to Adult)
Computerised & cognitive tests & parent/teacher questionnaires
Adaptive Behavioural Functioning
ABAS-3 or Vineland-3 (4 yrs to Adult)
Undertaken with cognitive testing for Intellectual Disability and for clients with a genetic condition or other disability
WJ-IV ACH & WIAT-III and many other tests
Academic testing can be completed with or without cognitive testing. Diagnosis is only provided when combined with cognitive testing (Brief, Standard, Comprehensive or Neuropsychological).
Dyslexia (6 yrs to Adult)
Comprehensive reading and spelling testing
Dysgraphia (6 yrs to Adult)
Comprehensive spelling and written language testing
Dyscalculia (6 yrs to Adult)
Comprehensive Mathematics testing
Oral Language (6 yrs to Adult)
Receptive/expressive language skills
Fine motor (6 yrs to Adult)
Fine-motor and handwriting skills and fluency
Developmental and Pre-academic Skills(3 to 4-yrs)
For early pre/school entry. Must be undertaken with cognitive testing
Additional Testing SessionMay be required if a child is unable to complete testing within the typical timeframe (e.g., non-compliant behaviour, very short attention span, or very slow processing speed). $500
Telephone consultation per 15-mins $70
Telephone consultation per 30-mins $125
Requested letter or email preparation per 15-mins $70
Telephone Case Conference (School/ professional) per 15-mins $70
Travel Time per 30-mins $100
Attendance at School or Workplace per 30-mins $200
Additional fees for Court Reports and Attendance (Case dependent) $TBA